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Study Close-out

Study Close-out
(Returns, Reclamation & Destruction)

Reclamation is one of most important element of study close-out.
As anti-corruption laws around the world have become increasingly stringent and are monitored by the regulatory authorities, it becomes crucial to focus on the return and destruction of used/ unused equipment and supplies. Intrinseque Health ensures adherence to local and global regulations, documentation and the reporting of equipment and supplies returned from sites.

Intrinseque Health’s Operational Strategy & Planning (OS&P) team addresses these issues during the planning stages of engagement with our customers to ensure that these activities are built into the strategic clinical supply plan.


Intrinseque Health monitors the use of  equipment & supplies at each trial site and prompts the customer’s project management team in advance of the study’s completion. Upon customer approval, the reclamation process is initiated and the clinical supplies are shipped to the local, regional or central warehouse/depot and quarantined in a designated area for inspection. Every activity in this process is carefully documented and reported back to our customers.

Intrinseque Health offers the following options for the equipment returned from sites: