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Stand-alone Services

Stand-alone Services

In addition to our full-service solutions, Intrinseque Health can provide services in an
a-la-carte manner. These include: Intrinseque Health’s technicians not only helping to install equipment and supplies but also maintain them throughout the study.

This is a singular mechanism for assisting in the maintenance of study timelines by eliminating the possibility of losing patients due to non-availability of equipment at the time of their scheduled visits. These services can also reduce the amount of time that the study project managers need to spend coordinating with sites to ensure availability of equipment and supplies.


Clinical Monitoring & Project Management

As a global provider, Intrinseque Health has established relationships with local talent, specifically in clinical monitoring (CRAs) and project management (PMs). Our CRAs & PMs have significant levels of industry experience in working on global studies using our Customers Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WI).

Importer of Records (IOR) and Exporter of Records (EOR) Services

IOR & EOR services enable the following:

Third-party Quality Audits

Our Quality Assurance auditors have the ability to assist in conducting external audits for: