Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy Development

Study Protocol Review & Analysis

Our first step in an engagement is to task our Medical team with conducting a thorough review of the study protocol. This evaluation enables us to recommend and plan for the correct products & services required for the study while suggesting changes to ensure the success of the proposed study.

Operational Strategy & Planning (OS&P)

At Intrinseque Health, an Operational Strategy & Planning (OS&P) team is assigned to each and every project. This team is responsible for assigning resources and utilizing proven, supply-chain methodologies to build a robust strategic clinical supply plan for the project.

The OS&P team consists of experts from the following functional areas:
  • Medical Affairs
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Supply Chain (Logistics & Warehousing)
  • Executive Management

The global medical device, clinical supplies and equipment industry is ever-changing. Several factors can impact the availability of selected products from the sale of a product removed by the manufacturer in a region/country to non-availability of stocks of the products. Additionally, regulatory scenarios for the importation of medical devices and supplies may also change in a country/region.

Once the strategic supply plan is in place, the OS&P team regularly monitors the progress of each project to ensure that the plan is followed while responding to any unforeseen changes that may result in the plan being modified to ensure continued service delivery.

At Intrinseque Health, we partner with our customers to ensure a successful engagement and long-term relationship. Your success is our success!

Regulatory Services

While the importation of clinical trial supplies may appear easy, regulatory hurdles are often underestimated. Each country operates under their own unique import and export regulations. These unique regulations can impact the movement of supplies between regions and countries. Our team of regulatory officials are not only experts in dealing with such regulations and guidelines but also keep abreast of developments in the space.

Please contact us to discuss how Intrinseque can assist with you with provisioning your Sites with the supplies that they need for a successful study.