Strategic Staff
Sourcing Solutions

Strategic Staff Sourcing Solutions

When looking for flexible solutions, Intrinseque Health makes it possible!

Successful studies require that studies are conducted with a commitment to quality, timeliness and cost containment. However, across the lifespan of a typical study, staffing needs can fluctuate.

We offer access to highly trained professional support in the Asia Pacific, Western, Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America. We provide resources in the following functional disciplines:

  • Medical Writing & Biostatistics
  • Project Management
  • Clinical Operations
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Other Key Roles

Whether remotely located or office-based, our employees are dedicated, as needed, to our Customers, while being supported by their respective line managers.

Benefits of opting for Strategic Sourcing

  • Flexible resourcing: Quickly ramp up or ramp down staffing levels
  • Avoid waste and idle resources: Prevent staff shortages in times of high need
  • Optimize cost distribution: Move fixed overhead to a flexible, project-based format
  • Retain expertise in-house: Intrinseque Health’s staff use Customer’s study SOPs
  • Focus on core competencies: Free up resources from non-value add activities

Please contact us to discuss how Intrinseque can assist with you with provisioning your Sites with the supplies that they need for a successful study.